CPA Exam Apprehensions

Most CPA candidates have apprehensions about taking the exam. They are scared because they feel unprepared or feel like they don’t have enough experience in order to pass the test. This is a completely normal reaction. If you feel this way, it is okay. There’s still hope for you. To pass the CPA exam, you really just need to focus on three things:

Number 1: You need to focus on time management. Just like in life, managing your time is extremely important. You need to learn how to manage your study time, work time, and hobby time while you are preparing for the exam. You also need to learn how to manage your time during the test it self. Time management is one of the biggest reasons why people fail the exam. They just don’t manage their time well enough.

Number 2: Candidates need to focus at the task at hand. Forget about everything else going on in life and focus on what you are doing whether that is studying, resting, working, or just watching a movie. Be in the moment and don’t get distracted. This concept is particularly true on the exam day itself. You need to have a laser beam focused on the topics that you learned in your CPA review course and forget everything that is going on in the outside world while you are in the testing center.

Number 3: You must be dedicated and disciplined. Without dedication or discipline you will never pass the exam. This might sound a little cheesy, but it is true. You have to pour yourself into studying and give it your all. Otherwise you will probably not do as well as you should.